Edward Whitehead

Edward Whitehead


We Heart Events is a South African company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company focuses on offering event management services that are uplifting, inspirational and creative to leave a lasting legacy and fun filled memories for years to come.

Historically, the teams that work on each event, have a wealth of knowledge in some special area in the event space, each bringing their unique and valuable contribution to the awesomeness that is created, paying very careful attention to detail, and ensuring every aspect of an event is taken care of, prior to event day.

Our own productions have come and gone over the years, but in 2017, we launched the first ever International Beer Day Music Festival featuring top South African artists such as Goodluck, CrashCarBurn, Monark, The Kiffness & many more.

We believe in delivering to the highest quality & standards and we absolutely love what we do.

We offer specialised skills within the commercial fields for customers and we have a number of our very own commercial events that we host throughout the year, including Klimaxx Festival, International Beer Day Music Festival, Phuza Festival, Republic of Craft and many more.

For our corporate customers, rest assured we take care of you as if it were own very own. From the time of receiving the brief to the finer details such as technical, JOC, toilets, staffing, etc. will be handled with the utmost care to ensure a very smooth operation for your event.

We believe that what we do, the services we offer and the love, care & passion of the team’s sets us apart.

We Heart Events is a company hungry for success.

Corporate Events

Corporate branding and awareness is key to every organisation today and we offer a full range of bespoke services to ensure the customer's vision becomes a reality.

Commercial Events

You can rest assured that every element of your public events are taken care of from start to finish. We are so confident in what we do, we host our very own events throughout the year.


We believe in partnering with industry leaders to provide you the customer with the best of breed solutions at any given time.


With every event comes a very set of unique requirement. We are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting products and services we can offer clients.

Product Launches

We believe in order to have successful product launches, the launch should be turned into an event. Gaining public exposure, introduces the product or services to a larger audience.

Bar Services

Our range of bar services include a variety of bar counters, staff, infrastructure, local and international brands, glassware and staff management.

Brand Activations

Using this unique discipline, we strive to drive consumer action through bespoke brand interaction and experiences.


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Join us for unparalleled journeys of discovery, fantasy, friendship and adventures. There is sure to be something for everyone.

Apply to Become a Sponsor

Become a partner to We Heart Events and enjoy a curated list of partnership programs jointly designed by the client and us.

Our clients

The driving force behind why we do what we do.
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